Thursday 24th January 2019

    The story behind the daily hygiene brand ‘Pee Safe’ and its toilet seat sanitizer sprays

    1. Your category is interesting. Please help us understand your primary product. It's a spray that will make it hygienic for women to use (public) restrooms. Is that correct?

    Pee Safe is a daily hygiene brand, primarily initiated with Pee Safe (a toilet seat sanitizer spray) that can be used for commercial and domestic use both by men and women. Pee Safe spray provides protection from germs on the toilet seat that could infect someone using the same toilet seat. The product provides germ-free and insta-hygiene experience to the consumers and aims at developing healthy lifestyle habits among the Indian population. Pee Safe prevents consumers from washroom borne diseases like UTI etc.

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    2. How did the concept come about? What's your background? Do you have co-founders?

    Just like every idea starts with a problem, while Vikas Bagaria & his wife Srijana Bagaria were traveling, she fell sick on the journey that they had to drop the trip mid-way. After a medical examination, they found out it was an incident of UTI. They understood that the problem of unsanitized toilets is vast, 150-200 million females across the globe contract UTI annually. This is when they came up with the idea of introducing a toilet seat sanitizer spray - Pee Safe.

    Vikas Bagaria is an Economics graduate from St. Xavier's College, Kolkata, MCA in Electronics Jadavpur University and started first venture soon after college.
    He started his first venture in material handling equipment and then from Eduspace to Defence, Safety and now Personal Hygiene, there is no looking back. He is also an angel investor in over 15 start-ups. When is not working, he likes adventure sports, offroading, long distance cycling and wild life photography. He believes in chasing valuation and not profits. His mantra is to celebrate exit and not funding.

    Founder - Vikas Bagaria
    Co-founder - Srijana Bagaria & Dheeraj Jain

    3. Are there parallels in markets abroad for such products?

    When pee safe started in 2013 as a trail, there was hardly anyone across the world who categorically mentioned about toilet seat sanitizer spray, though there were many surface cleaners were available. After 4 years, small players came up into this category when they realized that the toilet seat might look clean but might not be sanitized/germ free. It is good that the category is expanding and people are getting aware of the product. It is helping us scale up our business too.

    Now there are some small players in the market selling products in this category.

    4. How do you educate customers about the need for your product? Which distribution channels are working?

    Reducing the risk of bacteria is something we focus on. The brand aims at creating awareness among customers about the risk of washroom borne diseases. The brand educates consumers through mailers, influence marketing, Pee room conversation marketing, digital & social platforms, events and exhibitions etc. We are focused on creating awareness among masses and not brand.

    Distribution Channels - Both Offline & Online
    Offline - More than 500 stores in NCR & 1200+ stores Pan-India
    Online - Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Safetykart, Nykaa, Shopclues, 1MG and more.

    5. What's your vision in terms of expansion?

    When it comes to feminine hygiene, people have been majorly talking about menstrual hygiene, however, daily hygiene has not been given importance. Our vision is to create awareness about daily hygiene so that there are less chances of getting sick and unhealthy because of the toilet bacteria. Pee Safe focuses on promoting daily hygiene products. Apart from the toilet seat sanitizer, we have other products in this segment like Moskito Safe and Palm Safe. We have just launched Pee Safe in Lavender fragrance in 50 ml and 75 ml sizes.

    - TradeBriefs Bureau