Saturday 2nd March 2024
  • Your Brain Doesn’t Want You to Exercise

    If the benefits of physical activity were distilled into a pill, everyone would be on it. Studies show that moving improves nearly every aspect of health: boosting sleep, strength, and mental well-being while slashing the risk of chronic conditions and premature death. What’s more, studies show that exercise has a positive impact even when done in very short chunks and with no equipment or fancy gym membership required.

    Still, most people don’t exercise nearly enough. According to data published in 2023, less than a third of U.S. adults get the government-recommended amount of physical activity in their free time: at least 20 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic movement (think brisk walking) per day, plus a couple muscle-strengthening sessions (such as resistance training) each week.

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  • Tilgul: A Indian sweet that encourages kind words

    My cousin handed me a fistful of a tilgul, a simple gul (jaggery) and sesame sweet made with ghee (clarified butter), whispering words that everyone should carry with them at all times of the year: "tilgul ghya, goad-goad bola" ("take this sweet, speak good and kind words"). The words, a mantra for joyful and kind-hearted living, are typically spoken as people exchange the treat in the western state of Maharashtra to mark Makar Sankranti, an Indian holiday on 14-15 January that honours the year's end and a new beginning.

    As children, my cousins and I grabbed chunks of the tilgul – available as ladoo (round sweets), papdi (brittle), barfi (fudge), revdi (coin-sized treats), gajak (bars) and other forms – as we beelined for the door to the yard to resume playtime. The significance of the words was lost on us at that time; today, as mums ourselves, we realise the importance and implication of exhorting kindness and goodness in a world that can be unbearably hard and hostile.

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  • This Beautiful Transparent Handheld Can Play PlayStation 2 Games

    With grips and an asymmetric joystick layout, the RG556 could be Anbernic’s best handheld for playing retro games yet.

    Another week, another new Anbernic handheld. The boutique handheld maker is starting 2024 strong with a teaser for its latest gaming handheld called the RG556, which is shaping up to be one of its most premium options yet.

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  • Why Doesn't 'Dune 2' Have a Post-Credits Scene? Denis Villeneuve Has a Good Reason

    Although Dune: Part Two ends the story told in the 1965 novel Dune, the new film does leave a few elements from that book unrevealed, as well as providing a few specific teases from future books, which may, or may not, translate into a third movie.

    But, Dune: Part Two does not go full Marvel, and does not contain a post-credits scene of any kind. From a certain fan point-of-view, this could seen as a missed opportunity. Because one aspect of the future was teased toward the end of the film, why not go all the way and drop a post-credits scene revealing the resurrection of a certain beloved swordsman? In an interview with Inverse, director Denis Villeneuve gave a clear answer as to why Dune: Part Two needed to stand on its own, which includes not going too far in teasing certain future events.

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  • I Wish I Could Challenge Sephiroth to a Game of Queen's Blood in 'FF7 Rebirth'

    So you want to be the best Queen’s Blood player in all of Gaia in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Or more likely, you’ve run into the card game while completing the main questline and you don’t want to forfeit the tournament you’ve stumbled upon, but your opponents are quite possibly beating you senselessly. Well, Inverse has got you covered. I’m not one to brag, but I did win the Queen’s Blood tournament in Chapter 5, Blood in the Water, and regularly defeated locals in regions like Cosmo Canyon.

    At first, weirdly enough, I did lose confusingly to a few beginner opponents on the Shinra-8 cruise ship.

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  • ALMA Telescope Detects "At Least 3 Times" More Water Than On Earth In A Nearby Protoplanetary Disk

    A telescope perched high in South America’s Andes gave astronomers a pleasant surprise — from a distance of 450 light-years away, it detected a significant amount of water in a disk where baby planets are likely growing.

    The Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) in Chile detected signs of water within ring-shaped gaps of a dusty disk. This spot is where would-be planets carve out their orbits as they feast on dust and gas and grow in size. In a new image from ALMA, the water vapor of this protoplanetary disk is shown in blue.

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  • James Gunn's Superman Could Fix the DCEU's Most Frustrating Mistake

    A lot is riding on James Gunn’s Superman movie. The Suicide Squad and Guardians of the Galaxy director is now the shepherd of a new DC Universe, and the first movie in a first chapter called “Gods and Monsters” focuses on the Kryptonian synonymous with DC Comics. Recently, we learned a small but intriguing detail about the direction the film is going.

    On February 29th, Kal-El’s birthday (the Leap Day being a nod to the fact that Superman doesn’t really age), James Gunn used Instagram to celebrate the start of filming and give DC fans an update on production, which has apparently evolved quite a bit.

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  • How The Toyota Mirai Is Paving The Way For A Hydrogen-Based Future

    With federal and state regulations in California requiring the majority of new vehicles sold to be emission-free starting in the 2030s — and consumer interest for electric vehicles increasing steadily — a future defined by EV transportation looks likely. But battery power is not the only option. As Toyota Motor Chairman Akio Toyoda recently put it: “There are many ways to climb the mountain that is achieving carbon neutrality.” One alternate way up is through the use of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) powered by hydrogen, a category led by the Toyota Mirai.

    Hydrogen powers FCEVs much like gasoline does for internal combustion vehicles. A key difference is that it generates zero vehicle emissions, and the only by-product is water. The Mirai relies on a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen (from the air) to create electricity to power the vehicle rather than bulky battery packs that need to be slowly recharged at a power outlet. This type of FCEV can be refueled within approximately five minutes (versus the approximately 30-minutes-to-12-hours it takes to charge a BEV) and can have a higher range rating than a BEV — the 2024 Mirai XLE has an EPA-estimated 402-mile driving range rating.

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  • An Inside Look At Toyota's Hydrogen-Powered Mirai

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  • 'Dune 2' Wants to Reject a Frustrating Hollywood Trend -- Does It Succeed?

    Dune: Part Two opens with a chilling shot of a pile of bodies engulfed in flames, as Harkonnen warriors throw more Atreides corpses into mass graves. The once-glorious House Atreides, a victim of the Harkonnens’ ruthless political ambitions, is rendered to ash. But as the events of Dune: Part Two unfold, it’s clear this image isn’t just a depiction of the tragedy of tyranny, but a cautionary tale warning against the dangerous allure of charismatic leaders… and the fallacy of the white savior. At least, that was Denis Villeneuve’s interpretation of Frank Herbert’s classic novel, and it’s a reading he wants audiences to emphatically understand.

    “When Frank Herbert wrote Dune, when the book came out, I think he was disappointed,” Villeneuve tells Inverse. “There was something about the fact that Paul was seen as a hero that he didn’t like.”

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