Sunday 22nd October 2017

  • Land prices weaken in Navi Mumbai; CIDCO invites bids for hotels

    The City Industrial and Development Corporation of Maharashtra (CIDCO) has reduced the reserve price for land parcels that it proposes to auction in prime areas close to the Navi Mumbai International airport by as much as 7.4%, compared with land parcels that it auctioned off in May this year in New Panvel. Despite the vicinity of the airport being a prime area for real estate, the reserve prices for one of the three plots is 7.4% lower. The reserve price for the second plot is marginally lower by half a percent while the exact location and reserve price for the third price has not been fixed as yet. The three plots are set to come up for auction at the end of November. Read On ..

  • A 2017 Festive Season Primer for Homebuyers

    The year 2017 has not exactly lived up to the expectations of the residential property sector. RERA has been deployed, but as of today, only 18 states and 7 Union territories have notified RERA, while 10 states are yet to notify it. While RERA has certainly already made its expected effects felt in states like Maharashtra - which includes very important markets like Mumbai and Pune - it has not yet extended its full influence over parts of the country where RERA it is probably needed the most. Read On ..

  • 'Open All Night' Policy - Impact on Retail, Food and Entertainment.

    The Maharashtra State Government recently passed the Shops and Establishment (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Bill, enabling owners of shops, hotels, theatres and multiplexes in the state to keep their establishments open round the clock, with an easier process of getting permissions and licenses. This means that malls, multiplexes, restaurants and even small shops can be kept open till late in the night, with the caveat that police permission is required. This is in accordance with the Model Shop Act proposed by the Centre to facilitate ease of doing business, and the bill is now awaiting clearance from the legislative council. Read On ..

  • How people in Asia-Pacific view China

    This week, China convenes its 19th National Congress, a gathering closely watched by those seeking to understand power shifts and policy changes within the world's most populous country. The meeting will feature a review of the Communist Party's work over the past five years, including China's foreign policy and its relations with its neighbours. Pew Research Center's 2017 Global Attitudes Survey explored China's image in the Asia-Pacific region. Here are four key findings about how China is viewed by its neighbours (Indians seem to show the most distrust on most parameters)

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  • The 10/10/10 rule for thorny decisions!

    A neat framework to use when stuck with thorny decisions is the 10-10-10 rule. Imagine how you will feel 10 minutes after you take the decision, 10 months later and 10 years later. If you've been chasing a hotshot job candidate, 10 minutes after you decide to extend an offer, you might feel nothing but excitement; 10 months from now, though, will you regret the pay package you're offering her if it makes other employees feel less appreciated? And 10 years from now, will today's hotshot have been flexible enough to change with your business? 10/10/10 helps to level the emotional playing field. What we're feeling now is intense and sharp, while the future feels fuzzier. That discrepancy gives the present too much power, because our present emotions are always in the spotlight. 10/10/10 forces us to shift our spotlights, asking us to imagine a moment 10 months into the future with the same "freshness" that we feel in the present. More here

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  • Here's how to teach your child the value of persistence!

    As a parent, we want our kids to pick up the best habits. We constantly 'tell our kids' to do certain things - Say thank you to the uncle who gave you a gift! Be polite to the house help! What we often forget is that in the case of children picking up habits, our actions speak much louder than our words. Am I speaking politely to the guard myself? Am I saying thank you when am supposed to? Another behaviour trait that Julia Leonard (of MIT) has studied is how grit and persistence can be taught to children. Across one study and a preregistered replication (182 babies in total), babies who had seen an adult persist and succeed pushed a toy button about twice as many times as those who saw an adult effortlessly succeed. Babies learned that effort was valuable after watching just two examples of an adult working hard and succeeding. More here

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  • Design Thinking is making inroads in all sectors

    The second edition of CII Summit on Innovation Ecosystem held recently in Mumbai brought a varied group of people from a car designer to a social learner, from an aviation major to a ball bearing manufacturer, from a watchmaker to a polyurethane leader all exploring how design was being harnessed to create sustainable businesses. The participants articulated key arguments within the Indian and global context to encapsulate the transformations in how we live, create and communicate. Read On ..

  • India Nightlife Convention & Awards 2017 recognizes the best in the industry

    The National Restaurant Association of India and Kickstart Entertainment hosted the 2nd Edition of INCA on 30th September and 1st October 2017 in Mumbai. "First, you need to have a vision and write a manifesto," stated Mirik Milan, the Night Mayor Of Amsterdam at the second edition of India Nightlife Convention Awards which concluded recently dwelling on the roadmap Mumbai needs to follow to become a nightlife hub. "You need everyone involved to stand behind it. The key is to start small. Maybe in one area, one street. It’s a bottom-up movement." Read On ..

  • Mumbai getting its much-needed makeover.

    The ongoing Rs 2 lakh crore infrastructure build-out in Mumbai, will improve connectivity within the city for the next 20-30 years. It will also improve productivity and if the projects are executed aesthetically, will further raise Mumbai's profile as a tourist destination, what with a huge programme already ongoing to develop the eastern seafront to attract the largest cruise liners in the world. While the bulk of the expenditure of Rs 82,000 crore, has been earmarked for metro projects, there are some showcase projects such as a 22-km long Mumbai Trans Harbour Link (MTHL) costing Rs 17,750 crore, connecting the mainland to Navi Mumbai. Read On ..

  • Mid Income Group house buyers to benefit as Govt extends CLSS by 15 months

    The Central Government’s decision to extend the Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme (CLSS) under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY)- Urban for the Middle Income Groups (MIG) by 15 months till March 2019, will help a large section of society have their own homes under the government’s plan for housing for all by 2022. Read On ..

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