Tuesday 18th June 2024
  • Six Signs of a Parent-Child Dynamic at the Office

    To prepare for an upcoming program with a global chemicals company, I conducted a series of interviews with the top managers and the people who reported to them. I heard a familiar refrain: The people at the top felt like the people in the layers below just didn’t take the needed initiative. As a result, the managers felt an obligation and responsibility to tell the direct reports what to do and how to do it. As one manager put it, “They are just not ready to take on this level of responsibility, and they don’t have the overall oversight and understanding that we do.”

    When I spoke to the direct reports, they complained that the top managers didn’t trust them enough and acted paternalistic. As a result, the direct reports feared that if they took the initiative and something didn’t work as planned, they’d be punished. One country-level director said, “When something doesn’t work, we’ve learned to push it under the rug. Otherwise, it gets too complicated and messy.”

    Unsurprisingly, these behaviors and mindsets also showed up in the company’s results: Although its cash cow had continued to produce profits, there had been no innovations in some time. And the company was struggling to pivot in the direction of a new strategy.

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  • Nintendo Switch Just Quietly Released the Best Pok

    For most of its two decades of existence, the Monster Hunter series offered a simple if alluring premise: fight the monsters, defeat the monsters, and turn the monsters into powerful potion. It’s a gameplay cycle that’s served the franchise well, but in 2016, Capcom decided to try something new with the Monster Hunter games. And that new thing was Pokémon.

    Originally released for Nintendo 3DS, Monster Hunter Stories was a major change for the franchise (albeit one that didn’t necessarily stick in the long run). Inspired by Pokémon, the game strived for a more symbiotic relationship between humans and monsters in which the protagonist with the job title of “Rider” is tasked with collecting monster egg fragments, hatching new besties, an then battling them against wild monsters or online opponents.

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  • You Know A Lot Less About the Placenta Than You Think

    A better understanding of the placenta may help curb maternal and fetal mortality rates, but progress is slow.

    When Mana Parast was a medical resident in 2003, she had an experience that would change the course of her entire career: her first fetal autopsy.

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  • You Don't Need To Hug A Tree To Benefit From Nature -- Looking at One Is Enough

    It is becoming increasingly clear that spending time in nature can benefit our mental health and wellbeing.

    It is becoming increasingly clear that spending time in nature can benefit our mental health and wellbeing. However, a new study by my colleagues and me shows that you don’t have to actually be in nature to reap the rewards. Simply directing your gaze toward natural elements, even in the middle of a city, can enhance well-being.

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  • The Secret Cognitive-Enhancing Powers of Menthol

    Scientists have discovered that when mice with Alzheimer’s inhaled menthol, their cognitive abilities improved.

    Imagine a future where the smell of menthol could alleviate some of the worst symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. This might sound like science fiction, but innovative new research is making it a potential reality.

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  • 18 Years Ago, This Handheld Saved Nintendo From Losing Everything

    The sleeker DS Lite greatly helped Nintendo destroy Sony’s more powerful PlayStation Portable.

    The Nintendo DS Lite is, to this date, the most popular handheld that Nintendo has ever made. It’s arrival in June 2006 couldn’t have come at a better time for Nintendo.

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  • Without a Doubt, the 65 Weirdest & Most Genius Things Under $30 on Amazon

    Ready for a journey into the quirky and genius side of Amazon? This retail giant has just about everything available to purchase, and some of that stuff is pretty weird. But weird stuff can be pretty awesome too — like all the items on this list, for example. From multipurpose gadgets to pet care hacks, read on for a wild ride through affordable finds that'll have you saying, "Wait, that exists?"

    Improve safety and style in your home with these rug corner grippers that help prevent slipping and curling without leaving any residue on your floor. The easy-lift design also allows you to pick up rugs and clean underneath without a hassle. Plus, the grippers’ stickiness can be refreshed by wiping them with rubbing alcohol.

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  • Why Was [SPOILERS] Killed? The Cast Explains 'House of the Dragon's Shocking Death

    Warning! Spoilers ahead for House of the Dragon Season 2, Episode 1, “A Son for a Son.”

    From the moment HBO released its final trailer for House of the Dragon Season 2, fan speculation was already swirling that fans would see the infamous “Blood and Cheese” scene in the series. But what wasn’t predicted was just how quickly it would be shown. By the end of Episode 1, Daemon recruits a ratcatcher and an assassin, named Blood and Cheese, respectively, to kill Aemond Targaryen as revenge for the death of Rhaenyra’s son Lucerys Velaryon. But the assassins can’t track Aemond down, so they resort to a Plan B — killing Jaeharys, Aegon’s son, instead.

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  • The Holy Grail Of Neanderthal Language Is Turning Out To Be An 800-Pound Gorilla

    The Neanderthals (Homo neanderthalensis) fascinate researchers and the general public alike. They remain central to debates about the nature of the genus Homo (the broad biological classification that humans and their relatives fall into). Neanderthals are also vital for understanding the uniqueness or otherwise of our species, Homo sapiens.

    We shared an ancestor with the Neanderthals around 600,000 years ago. They evolved in Europe while we did so in Africa before dispersing multiple times into Eurasia. The Neanderthals became extinct around 40,000 years ago. We have populated the world and continue to flourish. Whether that different outcome is a consequence of differences in language and thought has been long debated.

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  • 'House of the Dragon's Darkest Scene Is Way Worse in the Book

    House of the Dragon’s Season 2 premiere is largely a meditative, table-setting episode. It follows characters like Rhaenyra Targaryen (Emma D'Arcy) and Alicent Hightower (Olivia Cooke) as they feel the gravity of Lucerys Velaryon's (Elliot Grihault) death at the end of House of the Dragon Season 1, and emotionally prepare themselves for the horrors to come. But the terrible grief that hovers over most of the episode, fittingly titled "A Son for a Son," then spills over into House of the Dragon's darkest sequence to date.

    The premiere's final minutes follow Daemon Targaryen (Matt Smith) as he sneaks into King's Landing and hires Blood (Sam C. Wilson), a still-loyal member of the City Watch he formed, and Cheese (Mark Stobbart), one of the Red Keep's ratcatchers, to exact vengeance for Lucerys' death. While Daemon's intended target for the hit is Aemond Targaryen (Ewan Mitchell) himself, he tells Blood and Cheese that, if they can't find the Targaryen prince, to make sure they kill "a son for a son."

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