Saturday 20th July 2024

    From the Editor's Desk

    Without a Doubt, the 65 Weirdest & Most Genius Things Under $30 on Amazon

    Ready for a journey into the quirky and genius side of Amazon? This retail giant has just about everything available to purchase, and some of that stuff is pretty weird. But weird stuff can be pretty awesome too — like all the items on this list, for example. From multipurpose gadgets to pet care hacks, read on for a wild ride through affordable finds that'll have you saying, "Wait, that exists?"

    Improve safety and style in your home with these rug corner grippers that help prevent slipping and curling without leaving any residue on your floor. The easy-lift design also allows you to pick up rugs and clean underneath without a hassle. Plus, the grippers’ stickiness can be refreshed by wiping them with rubbing alcohol.

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