Tuesday 18th June 2024

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    José Andrés: the chef behind Gaza food aid charity who ‘moves towards disaster’ to help the hungry

    His outburst was telling, not least because it contrasted sharply with his tone in the early stages of Israel's military offensive last October, following a Hamas attack that killed 1,200 mostly civilian Israelis. At that time he called on Pedro Sánchez, Spain's prime minister, to sack the country's social rights minister, Ione Belarra, after the Podemos leader and her far-left colleagues accused Israel of committing war crimes and genocide in Gaza.

    It has since been re-enacted and refined in locations as diverse as Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Uganda, Cambodia and on Poland's border with Ukraine, in response to Russia's 2022 invasion. In each case, the stated approach has been to deliver emergency food aid to cater for local diets.

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