Tuesday 19th November 2019

    The Kind of Creative Thinking That Fueled WeChat's Success

    WeChat, the messaging app, dominates daily life in China. With more than a billion daily active users, it is the default option for social networking and chat. WeChat users send more than 45 billion messages a day. It is the leader in mobile payments, with more than 800 million users of WeChat Pay. And it provides integrated services for upwardly-mobile Chinese users, by offering taxi, restaurant, movie-booking and retail apps all within its platform.

    Many westerners are skeptical about successful Chinese software companies like WeChat: there is a perception that they have succeeded through copycat strategies, and have benefited from Facebook and Google being blocked from operating in the country. But WeChat didn't get an easy ride: it had to fend off dozens of domestic competitors when it was launched, and it had to keep innovating to stay ahead. Many observers rate WeChat as offering a superior user experience than its western counterparts today, and its innovative features are now being copied by others.

    We recently conducted an in-depth study of WeChat, through exclusive interviews with 15 executives, including founder Allen Zhang. What we've found that is WeChat isn't just a Chinese success story - it offers insights to innovators everywhere.

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