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    From mobile phones to cloud computing | Media India Group - Media India Group
    With a growth in human resources in India and increasing acceptance of a digitally driven world, the country’s youth has come up with means unique to help create suitable ideas for a progress…

    While the newer versions of the good old mobile phones are now becoming store houses of data, cloud computing, content creation and data cataloging are gaining popularity among young Indians who are pursuing it with rigour, armed with latest technology and devices.Several electronics’ makers, engineers and tech aspirants  have started focusing on personal computing devices, their data recording capabilities and tools.With the introduction of smart-phones in India, the tech-savvy Indian youth has been provided with a better device to make use of their tech skills and showcase it online.“Combination of skills and an ambition for excellence along with the innate human curiosity to innovate are the qualities which are always needed to create a special family-like working environment.With the help of user friendly tech, reliable planning and protocol, Indians are taking huge strides on solving technology, data and content related situations.

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