Monday 15th July 2019

    Storytelling for Startups: Let's stop polishing the heart out of everything

    In my role at Greylock Partners, I work closely with entrepreneurs to help them shape their company's communications strategies. No matter what the sector, I have found that the organizations who effectively tell their story are the ones who can recruit the top talent, acquire long-term customers, and build brands that endure.

    What is your story?
    Your story is way more than a chronological history of your company. The biggest mistake most companies make is they start with the love story of the founders. (i.e. "My co-founder and I met when we worked together at Company X. We built these 3 successful products together and had had fun doing it, so we decided to build this new thing because we think there is a market for it.") This is the absolute wrong foot to start on.
    A great story about your company will succintly capture 1) what you offer, 2) to whom, and 3) why you are different. Nailing this will set the path for every other decision you make going forward.

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