Saturday 25th May 2019

    Required Reading for Early Business Hires (60+ resources to help your startup find traction) - Nick deWilde

    As an early business hire you're the right hand of the founder when it comes to acquiring customers. To be effective at your job you need more than tactics. You need to understand the strategy behind distribution.
    At Tradecraft, we designed this reading list to get students up to speed on important sales and marketing frameworks. We believe it's only useful to start learning tactics like content marketing or SEO after you firmly understand the foundational relationship between startups and their customers.
    Here's an outline of the reading list:
    1. What Startups Want
    2. Why Customers Buy
    3. Crafting an Effective Message
    4. The Sales and Marketing Machine
    5. Metrics that Matter
    6. Getting Early Traction
    7. Next Steps: Learning the Tactics

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