Wednesday 26th September 2018

    The future of jobs!

    The world is becoming more unequal. Technology and globalization are causing a 'hollowing out' of middle income jobs in developed countries. Those with specialized new economy skills (math, computer science, clean energy, etc) and those in professions that require a human touch (healthcare) will continue to be in demand. While a low base and overall increase in economic activity will shield India from these effects (and globalization will continue to benefit India for some time to come), it may not be for too long. For example, Ecommerce is already affecting the fledgling organized retail trade in the country, with fewer net jobs added in ecommerce compared to brick and mortar retail. Uber and Ola make transportation more efficient, which is great for the consumer, but fewer drivers will be needed on the road. This interesting analysis of the future of the US jobs market gives us a clue of what's coming!

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