Tuesday 19th June 2018

    The risks of demonizing Silicon Valley

    The challenge in criticizing Silicon Valley with its recent missteps is how to balance legitimate criticisms without descending into demonization. This is not a challenge unique to Silicon Valley. The same argument could be made about (the Indian) government and the financial world. Government may be slow to implement real change, but relentlessly tearing it down makes it that much harder for us to allow government to do what most of us expect and need it to; Wall Street may have been infected with greed, but we need a stable and innovative financial system to facilitate a vibrant economic system. We humans tend to fail at balance. We either adore or revile; trust or suspect. Holding two or more contradictory truths is often beyond our collective capacities. So it is a tall order to ask (demand?) that we view the current status quo in Silicon Valley as both in deep need of reform and in deep need of respect. More here..

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