Tuesday 19th June 2018

    Low job mobility across generations is worrisome for India's future!

    There is only a 33% chance that a son born to a father who was either a farmer or an agricultural labourer or a construction worker moves out of these three occupations in India. In this analysis, even a job as a factory worker is counted as an improvement. Moreover, this probability has not improved much for sons born in recent decades compared to those who were born in the 1950s, suggesting a high degree of stagnation in society. An obvious solution to countering such inequality would have been to ensure quality education for all, hoping that it would improve the chances of those at the bottom of the ladder to move up. However, education levels too are influenced to a large extent by family history. The challenge for policymakers in India is not only to create enough jobs now, but to ensure greater mobility within society in the coming years, in order to stave off potential social or political strife. There are no easy answers here. More here