Tuesday 19th June 2018

    The real threat to Retail may not be online shopping

    The true threat to retail may not be online shopping. It's the increasing likelihood that e-commerce giants will turn their attention to doing brick and mortar... better! China's case is instructive. In little over a year, Alibaba has gone from opening its first physical store to acquiring a major department store chain, Intime Retail, for $2.6 billion. Yet this is just the beginning. By enlisting big data, Alibaba aspires to do nothing less than reinvent retail - merging online and offline to form a new unichannel "O2O" experience where the notion of e-commerce versus brick-and-mortar seems quaint, if not wholly irrelevant. A pivot to the traditional retail space will enable Alibaba and other digital disruptors to accumulate even more fine-grained data on consumer behavior, which reinforces their online dominance in a positive feedback loop. More here .