Monday 23rd April 2018

    How to survive at work with minimum effort!

    If coasting through your career without working is your aim, you'll enjoy this! The first principle of skiving (or shirking) is always to appear hard at work. There is the ancient jacket-on-the-back-of-the-chair trick: leave a coat permanently on display so that a casual observer - a CEO practising "managing by walking around", for example - will assume that you are the first to arrive and the last to leave. There is also a high-tech version of the jacket trick: program your e-mails to send themselves at half past midnight or 5.30am to give your managers the impression that you are a Stakhanovite. Another principle is that you should always try to get a job where there is no clear relation between input and output. The public sector is a skiver's paradise. In 2004 it took two days for anyone to notice that a Finnish tax inspector had died at his desk. More here