Tuesday 19th June 2018

    AI will lead to a redefinition of what constitutes 'Work'

    As this article hints ever so slightly, the future of automation may NOT be joblessness, but the creation of new bullshit jobs like Chief of Strategy (Apologies, nothing personal!). We are very good at creating jobs that involve participating in a lot of meetings and claiming credit when good things happen. Perhaps an automated future will lead to new jobs like 'Chief Human-Machine Interaction Officer', but the laws of competition will eventually catch up, along with the realization that AI-powered algorithms and machines are better than us at most of what constitutes 'Work'. The time has come to stop sidestepping the debate and home in on the real issue: what would our economy look like if we were to radically redefine the meaning of "work"? A universal basic income is the most effective answer to the dilemma of advancing robotization. Not because robots will take over all the purposeful jobs, but because a basic income would give everybody the chance to do work that is meaningful.