Monday 23rd April 2018

    33 Startups to watch out for in 2017, according to investors

    Business Insider spoke to several VCs and compiled a list of 33 startups to watch out for in 2017. These include several interesting ones - for example
    1) Robinhood - The app makes stock trading free, intuitive, and mobile. Robinhood allows people to get into trading, and make decisions to buy or sell stock in companies without the burden of expensive fees. It has a chance to revolutionize stock ownership for millennials
    2) Opendoor - Opendoor is betting that homeowners would take a guaranteed sale over a higher price. It calculates a fair market value and pays homeowners before re-selling the home with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee
    3) Hollar is reinventing the dollar store for online and mobile shopping, proving you can still buy cheap, high-quality goods online.
    The complete list of startups is here