Tuesday 19th June 2018

    Could a jobless future be a good thing?

    It's estimated that between 35 and 50 percent of jobs that exist today are at risk of being lost to automation. Repetitive, blue collar type jobs might be first, but even professionals - including paralegals, diagnosticians, and customer service representatives - will be at risk. This isn't just science fiction, it's happening now. Manufacturing is the first place we see robots and automation eliminating human jobs, but it's hard to think of an industry that will be left unaffected as robots and AI become more affordable and widespread. Rather than fight this advancement and wring our hands over the robots "stealing" our jobs, maybe it's time to envision a jobless future. Most people are in jobs they don't particularly enjoy, with lots of mundane and repetitive tasks. Is it not our obligation to pass those jobs to machines? Many jobs are not jobs humans should waste their time doing. The challenge is to rethink our economic model to ensure the people who will do something more interesting and enjoyable can afford to do so. here