Tuesday 18th June 2024

    From the Editor's Desk

    9 Years Later, 'Life is Strange' Finally Gives Fans What They Want — But Is It Too Late?

    Life is Strange is getting another entry, this time helmed by the series’ first protagonist, Max Caulfield. Fans of the episodic adventure franchise are already excited about this change of pace, especially after two underwhelming follow-ups to the 2015 original. Here’s what we know so far about Life is Strange: Double Exposure.

    Nine years ago, Max’s time-bending powers and the game’s well-crafted emotional narrative captivated players. When it first released, Life is Strange felt like it was on the cutting-edge of what video games could be, pushing the envelope on the medium. Much of gaming has changed in the meantime, but based on a new game trailer that dropped on Sunday, it looks like Double Exposure is keeping a couple of things that made Life is Strange resonate.

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