Monday 27th May 2024

    From the Editor's Desk

    19 Years Later, Star Wars' Most Important Scene is More Relevant Than Ever

    In Revenge of the Sith, we finally see how the Republic evolves into the Empire that would become the original trilogy’s great villain. After Senator Palpatine reveals his true colors as a Sith Lord, he survives an attack from Mace Windu and brings Anakin Skywalker under his thrall. Then, with his new melted face, he denounces the Jedi as traitors and establishes dictatorial rule.

    Many die, including children, stabbed in the back by those sent to protect them. The Senate cheers in unanimous approval. Except for Padme, who utters one of the greatest lines in the entire franchise. In one sentence, she exemplifies the true heart of Star Wars: “So this is how liberty dies. With thunderous applause.”

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