Monday 27th May 2024

    From the Editor's Desk

    Amazon's Biggest Superhero Show Just Got an Exciting Update — But There Could Be a Catch

    Prime Video found its answer to the MCU in the strangest place: a satirical series created to skewer the MCU itself. But over the past five years, The Boys has gone from an ultra-violent fresh take on the superhero genre to the tentpole of a new franchise with spinoffs and complicated lore. Now, when the show has reached bigger stakes than ever before, we know what’s coming next — and it may mean the end of the show entirely.

    During Amazon Prime Video’s upfront presentation, the streamer announced that The Boys would be renewed for Season 5, despite Season 4 still weeks away from premiering. There’s even an announcement video for the renewal, showing Kimiko carving “Season 5” into a desk.

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