Saturday 25th March 2023
    TradeBriefs Editorial

    From the Editor's Desk

    People Don’t Want to Be Compared with Others in Performance Reviews. They Want to Be Compared with Themselves

    Why do people hate performance reviews? Maybe because, according to surveys, most of us don’t think they’re fair. A team of researchers set out to examine this in more detail. In four studies based on the data collected from 1,024 American and Dutch employees, they compared two types of reference points: employees who were compared against each other, and employees whose current performance was compared against their own past performance. The latter seemed to be perceived as far more fair — in that case, participants believed that the evaluations were more individualized, believing that the manager incorporated specific information about them. Thus, they considered that the evaluations were more discerning and accurate, and that they had been treated in a more respectful way.

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