Saturday 18th September 2021
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    What It's Like to Inherit Billions in Your Twenties

    Tyler Huang is living what many would think of as a dream existence, but he feels like he's just sleepwalking through life.

    At an age when most teenagers are swapping trading cards, Tyler Huang was involved in his father’s bid to buy a British football club. If they wanted to, his family could make a Monopoly board of London, purchasing properties on the roll of a dice. Tyler himself has the means to dine on wagyu for every meal. He is, if it wasn't already obvious, unbelievably rich.

    This kind of existence might sound like a dream, but Huang feels as though he's merely sleepwalking through life. "It wasn't as nice it sounds," he tells me. "Wealth can fix many external problems, but it does nothing to tackle the internal ones."

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