Saturday 18th September 2021
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    The Sources of Resilience

    Findings from the largest global study of resilience and engagement from the ADP Research Institute.

    We're all suffering through difficult times that we did not anticipate and challenges that we were not prepared for. In the face of all that's going on in the world, how do we survive? How do we push through the muck of current events and continue showing up for the people who need us most?

    The answer to many of these questions lies in our capacity for resilience: the ability to bend in the face of a challenge and then bounce back. It is a reactive human condition that enables you to keep moving through life. Many of us live under the assumption that a healthy life is one in which we're successfully balancing work, parenting, chores, hobbies, and relationships. But balance is a poor metaphor for health. Life is about motion. Life is movement. Everything healthy in nature is in motion. Thus, resilience describes our ability to continue moving, despite whatever life throws in our path. The question for us, of course, is what causes us to be able to bounce back and keep moving, what ingredients in our lives give us this strength, and how do we access them?

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