Saturday 18th September 2021
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    What We Can Learn From Bodybuilders

    In the Primal or "functional fitness" communities, I've noticed that bodybuilding gets a bad rap. The story goes that bodybuilders are only in it for the aesthetics. Or that their strength isn't "real," that they do too many isolation exercises that rarely occur in natural settings or sports for that matter.

    And I get some of that. The average bodybuilder who only focuses on the appearance of his or her muscles is leaving a lot of function on the table. Bodybuilders are often not the paragons of athleticism as commonly conceived - running and jumping, general physical preparedness. Yet critics miss the fact that bodybuilding itself is a sport. It's a complex undertaking that requires extreme discipline and the development of certain skills. It's anything but easy. Like any community, there's plenty to criticize about bodybuilding, but there's also a lot to learn from it.

    What can we learn from bodybuilders?

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