Monday 17th February 2020

    Everything Is Private Equity Now

    Spurred by cheap loans and investors desperate to boost returns, buyout firms roam every corner of the corporate world.

    Private equity managers won the financial crisis. A decade since the world economy almost came apart, big banks are more heavily regulated and scrutinized. Hedge funds, which live on the volatility central banks have worked so hard to quash, have mostly lost their flair. But the firms once known as leveraged buyout shops are thriving. Almost everything that's happened since 2008 has tilted in their favor.

    Low interest rates to finance deals? Check. A friendly political climate? Check. A long line of clients? Check.

    The PE industry, which runs funds that can invest outside public markets, has trillions of dollars in assets under management. In a world where bonds are paying next to nothing -and some have negative yields - many big investors are desperate for the higher returns PE managers seem to be able to squeeze from the markets.

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