Friday 6th December 2019

    If You've Established Boundaries in These 7 Areas, You're Well On Your Way to Finding Meaningful Work

    Finding meaningful work (work that uses your talents and strengths, is rewarding, and ignites you emotionally) is not the norm. The sad truth is, most spend their entire careers going through the motions with little connection to what they do. But, it's not for lack of trying.

    I think most of us fail to find fulfilling careers because we don't know where to look. Rather than consulting our own conscious taking inventorying of our skills and passions, we mimic others. We don't know how to define meaningful work for ourselves, so we borrow it.

    I would know. I spent the first half of my career chasing this "outer" definition of success. You know, the sexy titles, accolades, and spoils of success. I based all of my early career choices on things like perception, life-style, and notoriety. It didn't work out. Five years in and I was disengaged with zero ideas on what I wanted to do.

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