Wednesday 18th September 2019

    10 Habits Of Unsuccessful People You Don't Want To Copy

    I never met a successful person until I was 24. I grew up in a working-class family - I was more frequently around people who were the opposite.

    The first successful person I met was an entrepreneur in his forties. When I started my first real business, he was one of my first clients. When I met him, he was slightly overweight, had more money than he could count, and was merry all the time.

    But he also lost his wife, the love of his life, a half decade before. We became friends. He told me that you never really "get over it." Even though he experienced tragedy - he still had a positive outlook on life and did good things.

    He truly cared about others. I have to be honest, my first business wasn't great, but he still gave me a chance to do business with him.

    He always said, "I just try to avoid being unsuccessful." That is the number one thing I learned from him. He said that you should study what makes you unsuccessful, unhappy, broke, fat, stupid. Then, eliminate those things out of your life.

    To this day, I still live by that advice. I like his concept of trying not to be unsuccessful. Because what is success? One of the best definition that I've found comes from Bob Dylan, my favorite musician of all time

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