Wednesday 18th September 2019

    A Manifesto for Artists in an Industrial Society

    Did becoming an artist ever feel like a real option to you? Probably not. I know it didn't for me.

    The fact that there is a never-ending fight to keep the arts alive is normal. Many people don't value creativity and want to cut funding for it. Most businesses don't care about it. When people talk about jobs, they talk about college or trade school, but never creative careers.

    How could you decide to become an artist and expect to be taken seriously in this environment? It's not an easy path. But the truth is that, without any artists, the people working so-called "real jobs" wouldn't have any of the entertainment they consume so much of when falling on the couch at night, exhausted from their "important real work."

    There was always room for artists and there always will be. There must. Let's set this straight. Right here, right now:

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