Friday 6th December 2019

    Founder's Mentality: The Westward Winds

    As insurgent companies gain scale and scope, they also encounter a number of forces that threaten to drive them away from their Founder's Mentality.

    Although the Founder's Mentality provides companies with an essential sense of insurgency and mission, an owner's mindset and a passion for the front line, individual founders themselves are not always personally able to take a company through every stage of its development. Too often, they believe the rules that governed success in their home markets can be applied on the international stage or they fail to realize that they owe some of their success to local advantages - proprietary access to talent, capital and government relationships - that won't be available as they expand abroad. Their inability to adapt their behaviors results in diffused focus, over expansion and outmoded ways of running the business. Likewise, unscalable founders often try to play a role in every decision the company makes, long after it has grown too large for such hands-on management. Their limited capacity and unwillingness to delegate result in governance debates and slow decision-making.

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