Monday 15th July 2019

    4 Mistakes Companies Make When Hiring Sales Leaders

    Any company that relies heavily on salespeople naturally wants a highly-qualified person to lead the sales force. Judging by the modest tenure of sales leaders in their role, according to recent LinkedIn data, something is amiss. Looking at 150 past sales leaders (VP sales or equivalent role) at the 100 largest U.S. manufacturing companies, one in four lasted in the job less than two years, and half lasted three years or less.

    Hiring a sales leader involves the following steps.

    1. Profiling: Specifying the characteristics and competencies candidates need.
    2. Selecting: Vetting candidates and choosing one who best matches the profile.
    3. Attracting: Making an offer and convincing the candidate to join.
    4. Integrating: Helping the new leader get off to a strong start.

    A mistake at any step can lead to a candidate’s failure. We see several hiring errors happening repeatedly across the steps. By avoiding these mistakes, companies dramatically increase their chances of success.

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