Monday 17th June 2019

    Is Congestion Pricing the Solution to our Traffic Woes?

    Everyone complains about traffic. It takes too long to get where you need to go, and no one can provide a real estimate on the time it takes to get from point A to B in most major cities - and it's getting worse.

    But what if there were a solution that could not only help fix traffic, but also provide much-needed dollars for upgrades to subways, buses, and other parts of our nation's crumbling infrastructure, thus creating more sustainable cities?

    Fortunately, this seemingly magical solution could already exist in the form of congestion pricing. Congestion charges can help drivers better get where they need to go faster, and the money collected can be used for public transit upgrades and maintenance - further alleviating the strain on roads by offering people real transportation options.

    Done well, this type of system could also help get cars off the street, reduce traffic, and help the environment, thus making cities better for people.

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