Knowlarity – 360 Degree Marketing

Knowlarity, a cloud telephony company which helps in managing and improving customer communication over calls and SMSes using its cloud communication suite, reached out to us for marketing their product to the SME decision-makers among our newsletter subscribers.

They began by doing two email campaigns, one with our landing page and form and the other with theirs. Both of them performed well and they were able to extract a lot of meetings and business out of it. Knowlarity was really happy with our lead quality and insisted on working with us on an annual mandate with a more performance based arrangement.

Next thing, our MD, Mr. Sree Vijaykumar was in New Delhi to meet their team and finalize things. So here it is – we would be providing 500 meetings every month to Knowlarity. Actually 500 is just a number, they say bring it on!

We are using a 360 degree marketing approach which includes Email, Facebook, SMS, Google and Instagram. We are also exploring LinkedIn and are also in talks with other Ad Networks to scale. All the collected leads are sent to our Call Center in New Delhi where our callers talk to the leads, give them an idea about the product as per their business type and get a suitable date, time and place for a meeting with the Knowlarity Team, for a Free Demo.

How are we different?
Over the years, we have built a solid audience base with the help of our B2B newsletters. This is a highly targeted list due to which we are able to segment our audience efficiently as per industry, income, company, designation, age, behavior, etc. with good accuracy. So, we use our Custom Audience for Facebook, Google and SMS which helps to keep our targeting highly relevant and helps in better lead generation, not to forget the Similar Audience feature on Facebook.

Approaches –
We are using a combination of:

  • Direct messaging (Sample)
  • Business letter (Sample)
  • Target group specific approach – different use-cases for doctors, restaurateurs and so on. (Sample)
  • Problem-solution approach – industry specific: Ecommerce, Food, Education, Heathcare. (Sample)
  • Product-specific approach (Sample)
  • Client case-study approach – Freecharge, Faasos, Red Bus, etc. (Sample)
Facebook Ad
FaceBook Ad

Email Business Letter

Email – Business Letter

Lead capturing approaches –
We are using a combination of form-based approach (designed and hosted on our server, as well as Google and Facebook forms), call-backs, email replies as well as the missed-call approach. We are also planning to use Outbound Dialing (OBD) soon.

This entire activity includes automated re-targeting + reminders via Email and SMS. All the generated meetings are fed directly into the Knowlarity CRM for their sales team to take further action. So far so good!