Branding + Native Advertising for Bloomberg|Quint

Bloomberg | Quint recently approached us for a campaign during this year’s national budget. They wanted to do two campaigns – one just a day before the budget and other after it was out. They were fully convinced that the quality of our corporate audience is top notch, for presenting their budget articles.

They wanted to reach out to our entire audience base of 1.2 million subscribers. Numbers below:.


The pre-budget campaign was sent out on Tuesday, 31st of January. This was more of a curtain raiser before the big event next day.

Here’s the important part, the post budget campaign. They insisted on using our newsletter format with their articles and we were more than happy to oblige. This had to be sent immediately after the budget was out on Wednesday, 1st of Feb. Their editors got busy with developing the content. Time was less and Bloomberg Quint wanted their articles to reach our subscribers first. Our team worked overnight to put the content pieces together to keep things on schedule.

Newsletter below (full HERE)


The response was good, the newsletters were read by over 80,000 corporate subscribers.  This was Native Advertising at its best!