Why email is the right medium for content marketing?

To quote a recent article from Forbes

“A recent study by predictive analytics firm Custora discovered that customer acquisition via email has quadrupled in the last four years and now accounts for almost 7 percent of customer acquisitions. Too many people are chasing the new thing instead of investing in the thing that really works, which is email. Email is more important than ever, not less. And those who leverage email most effectively will be the big winners.”

We live in an increasingly interconnected world. Social media has boomed in the past decade. What was seen as unimaginable a decade ago is manifesting itself through companies like Facebook & Twitter that have scaled Billion $ valuations through the power of social.

Despite the entire hullabaloo around social, there is this silent, strong & smart player that has quietly carved a niche and has been the most successful medium to generate ROI. You guessed it right. Its Email. From being the first mode of electronic communication in the 1970’s to the most sophisticated and scientific way of connecting two individuals today, email has come a long way

We at Tradebriefs eat, live & breathe email every day. It’s the core of what we do and how we have generated ROI for our clients.

For any marketing campaign to succeed, content is critical. The content could be pictorial, literary, humourous, controversial or even satirical. What aids in the success if content is the mode of delivery.

From our experience, here are some points why we think email is the best suited medium for content delivery & marketing


Any marketing effort needs a warm-up exercise. Context does exactly that for your brand. It builds the initial rapport and gets the prospects hooked on to your brand and wanting to know more. With our inboxes flooded everyday with spam messages urging us to ‘BUY NOW’, context setting can be done with a subtle subject line & a desirable body (pun, of course intended!). Fro eg, if the prospect is from Mumbai and is in the financial sector, an email that talks about financial trends of the past quarter could be a good context setter. Though the brand would take a backseat here, the prospect is warming up to the fact that good content is available for consumption


Email is one of the digital mediums where user behavior can be tracked over a period of time. Opens, clicks & forwards can be easily tracked and reported to the brand owner. The brand owner in turn can push relevant messages to keep the conversation going

Remember the golden rule – ‘Conversations get you business, not ‘in the face’ marketing’

Call to action – To have or not to have?

Most spam emailers we receive have a glaring ‘buy now’ button that would mostly put us off that we end up deleting the email. Its not a bad decision not to have a CTA. By this, we are reassuring the user that we aren’t just interested in selling something to you. Mind you, this can do wonders to your brand perception

To conclude, content marketing in itself is not a magic wand to increase ROI. Content & Email marketing go hand in hand. It has the ability to convert your interactions from ‘conversion driven’ to ‘conversation driven’. It has the power to make your users want more of you(again, pun intended!). Sale would happen at a later point in time. Don’t worry about it

An email from you may not end up in a sale. But its good to keep your users hungry for more, isnt it?

We at Tradebriefs strongly believe in the power of good content and its ability to generate, nurture & cultivate leads for your brand. Would love to hear from you!

Content marketing case study– GA software technologies


Tradebriefs is India’s largest B2B email publication with over 8 lakh subscribers across 9 industry verticals. We have associations like ETailing, FAI. RAI tying up with us to provide free content to their subscriber base. We strongly believe that content could solve a marketer’s problem of lead generation through inorganic means.

Its an increasingly competitive world where opportunities slip out of businesses at the bat of an eyelid. With organizations going gung ho on new media, its very critical to be prudent and brands must always be on the lookout so that they don’t miss out on lead generation opportunities

The case

GA software is an I.T company based out of Bangalore, India with offices worldwide. They have a fully functional BPO unit in rural India which generates employment for the rural masses through outsourced projects. Tradebriefs was hired to work on a plan to generate more leads for their BPO offering through content

The approach

We brainstormed for a significant duration on the approach. Many ideas cropped up like

  • 1. Why not an emailer campaign?
  • 2. Why not emailer campaigns with ‘drips’?
  • 3. Why not a banner to improve viewer retention?
  • 4. Why not advertorial to do soft selling?

Why not content marketing?

After long hours of deliberation, we zeroed in on content marketing as the approach to this case. We haven’t tried out content marketing as a full fledged exercise before so we weren’t even sure if this would work!

The groundwork

Following is the ground work we did before we actually went ahead with this exercise

  • 1. Picked up a relevant report. In this case, we shortlisted ‘Achieving high performance in BPO’- an exclusive report by Accenture
  • 2. We chose the report for its relevance, branding (Accenture), recency & interesting content
  • 3. We created a custom lead collection page(well, for the sake of simplicity, lets call it mini landing page) hosted at Tradebriefs’ end
  • 4. We carefully crafted the messaging and ensured that all relevant details are captured
  • 5. We also made sure that the subscriber was well informed about the fact that his/her details would be passed on to the advertiser

The actual page

This is how the page actually looked like

Ga-soft Lead collection page

The results

The client (GA soft) got an overwhelming response for this campaign. A total of 96 leads were generated. As per the feedback we have from the client, the leads were of good quality and their sales team is pursuing. Well, that put a big smile on our face as well.

We at Tradebriefs strongly believe in the power of good content and its ability to generate, nurture & cultivate leads for your brand. Please do get in touch if you wish to power your lead generation efforts through content! Happy to help