How you can get an extra hour in your workday every day aka ‘Solving the Curation Problem’

Let’s analyze your daily content consumption habits. You are spending way too much time on Twitter and Facebook! Sure, you read that great blog through Twitter last week and that inspirational quote on FB, which got you all fired up and productive. But at the end of the day, you feel like you’ve not done much work. The fact that your likes and comments have earned you ‘favourite cousin’ status in your family and you know exactly what Richard Branson was thinking a few minutes ago don’t seem to help.

So you’ve decided to filter your tweets and removed a bunch of acquaintances from FB who are not really your friends. Good for you!

Now, subscribe to TradeBriefs. It’s work-related stuff – News, Insight, Jobs. It will keep you smart (think promotion! think raise!)  and it’ll save you an hour every day; from roaming the corners of the internet, looking for content.

Our editors (aided by our curation algorithms) read everything that’s important, then pick the articles that really matter, package it into a nifty newsletter and deliver it into your Inbox every day.  If you are in India, we have 7 sectors that you can deep-dive into right now ( Since you love infographics so much, here’s one that explains how we do it. The individual personalization is limited to jobs right now, but soon we’ll be able to tell if you care about macro-economic fundamentals or cross-channel merchandising and help you become an expert at either.

TradeBriefs Content Curation Methodology