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Knowlarity – 360 Degree Marketing

Knowlarity, a cloud telephony company which helps in managing and improving customer communication over calls and SMSes using its cloud communication suite, reached out to us for marketing their product to the SME decision-makers among our newsletter subscribers.

They began by doing two email campaigns, one with our landing page and form and the other with theirs. Both of them performed well and they were able to extract a lot of meetings and business out of it. Knowlarity was really happy with our lead quality and insisted on working with us on an annual mandate with a more performance based arrangement.

Next thing, our MD, Mr. Sree Vijaykumar was in New Delhi to meet their team and finalize things. So here it is – we would be providing 500 meetings every month to Knowlarity. Actually 500 is just a number, they say bring it on!

We are using a 360 degree marketing approach which includes Email, Facebook, SMS, Google and Instagram. We are also exploring LinkedIn and are also in talks with other Ad Networks to scale. All the collected leads are sent to our Call Center in New Delhi where our callers talk to the leads, give them an idea about the product as per their business type and get a suitable date, time and place for a meeting with the Knowlarity Team, for a Free Demo.

How are we different?
Over the years, we have built a solid audience base with the help of our B2B newsletters. This is a highly targeted list due to which we are able to segment our audience efficiently as per industry, income, company, designation, age, behavior, etc. with good accuracy. So, we use our Custom Audience for Facebook, Google and SMS which helps to keep our targeting highly relevant and helps in better lead generation, not to forget the Similar Audience feature on Facebook.

Approaches –
We are using a combination of:

  • Direct messaging (Sample)
  • Business letter (Sample)
  • Target group specific approach – different use-cases for doctors, restaurateurs and so on. (Sample)
  • Problem-solution approach – industry specific: Ecommerce, Food, Education, Heathcare. (Sample)
  • Product-specific approach (Sample)
  • Client case-study approach – Freecharge, Faasos, Red Bus, etc. (Sample)
Facebook Ad
FaceBook Ad

Email Business Letter

Email – Business Letter

Lead capturing approaches –
We are using a combination of form-based approach (designed and hosted on our server, as well as Google and Facebook forms), call-backs, email replies as well as the missed-call approach. We are also planning to use Outbound Dialing (OBD) soon.

This entire activity includes automated re-targeting + reminders via Email and SMS. All the generated meetings are fed directly into the Knowlarity CRM for their sales team to take further action. So far so good!

Branding + Native Advertising for Bloomberg|Quint

Bloomberg | Quint recently approached us for a campaign during this year’s national budget. They wanted to do two campaigns – one just a day before the budget and other after it was out. They were fully convinced that the quality of our corporate audience is top notch, for presenting their budget articles.

They wanted to reach out to our entire audience base of 1.2 million subscribers. Numbers below:.


The pre-budget campaign was sent out on Tuesday, 31st of January. This was more of a curtain raiser before the big event next day.

Here’s the important part, the post budget campaign. They insisted on using our newsletter format with their articles and we were more than happy to oblige. This had to be sent immediately after the budget was out on Wednesday, 1st of Feb. Their editors got busy with developing the content. Time was less and Bloomberg Quint wanted their articles to reach our subscribers first. Our team worked overnight to put the content pieces together to keep things on schedule.

Newsletter below (full HERE)


The response was good, the newsletters were read by over 80,000 corporate subscribers.  This was Native Advertising at its best!

TradeBriefs delivers 110+ leads to Hughes Global Education through top-of-the-funnel marketing


Power of a good audience!

Hughes Global Education is a pioneer in providing ‘Interactive Online Learning Platform’ for working professionals to pursue Executive MBA. The programs are provided by top notch B-schools like IIM Calcutta, IIM Kozhikode, IIM Rohtak, IIFT New Delhi and XLRI Jamshedpur.

They got in touch with us to promote an Executive Marketing and Strategic Management course from the prestigious IIM Kozhikode. Nothing could have been better for our corporate audience of which a large chunk are looking for such courses to enhance their careers.

They gave us access to all the content which could be used in the promotional campaign. Our creative marketing team came up with a design which was clear in terms of the messaging and did not have any unneeded information, to avoid distraction and maintain focus on lead generation. Also, efficient targeting helped.

Creative HERE

Now the most important part – the landing page. Basics first, this is the page where people land on, when they click on the call-to-action button on the email and this is where they will fill-up the form if they are interested, and lead generation happens.

We kept the flow simple. Generate interest through e-mailer with brand name and course credibility and more details about the course provider on landing page along with access to course brochure on form submission.

The response was truly amazing – an open rate of 11 percent and close to a thousand clicks with 115 people filling up the form i.e. a landing page conversion rate of almost 12 percent! That’s almost 50% more than the industry average.

This was a top-of-the-funnel marketing campaign. Wider the funnel, more the leads, which indirectly also contributes to the long-term marketing funnel of the client. At TradeBriefs, we believe in giving the best possible marketing solution to a client in terms of the content, the approach and keeping the best practices in mind.

TradeBriefs generating quality leads for Happay

Happay is an online business expenses management software solution to track your expense workflow from purchase to accounting. They were looking to target their services to an intersection of top management, medium sized companies and our finance newsletter subscribers.

On the creative side, we used the business letter format for direct mailers which helps in a number of ways. Emailers without many images have a better performance ratio in terms of deliverability and focus.

The first campaign was sent in two shots with a gap of one week. The idea was to provide them quality leads. They would then nurture these leads with the help of their sales team and convert them to customers. And we did succeed in doing that. A healthy email open and click rate of 16% and 5% respectively including 80% top management folks and 217 companies were very encouraging. Some quality conversions at their end led to one more campaign for their petty cash management and travel expense management tools, which was also a success.

One campaign led to another, which has resulted in a strong client-seller relationship between Happy and TradeBriefs. We were approached by a few other companies working on the same model as well.

We at TradeBriefs have had 80% of our clients coming back to us with more campaigns, thanks to our quality subscribers (we don’t like to call it a database) which is quite rare in the industry. We engage them with our daily newsletters and hence the industry-best open and click-through rates. We believe in delivering quality to all our clients. Indeed one good campaign leads to another!

Branding campaign for Ford, targeting the TradeBriefs Premium Audience

Recently we were approached by Blue Hive, the agency handling the global marketing initiatives for Ford. They were looking to do a branding campaign on the launch of their new offering – The All-New Ford Endeavour. They undertook 360 degree marketing initiatives – Television, Newspaper, Billboards, Online Media and so on. We helped them advertise through our email channel, to the TradeBriefs Premium audience, pan India.

More about TradeBriefs Premium audience –

TradeBriefs has an audience of 1 million+ white collar corporate professionals growing organically every month. And this includes 1 lakh+ top management CXOs and HNI individuals. It comprises of some of the biggest names in the industry across India. This is the TradeBriefs Premium List. Notable points about this list below –

– Includes HNIs, CXOs, Decision-makers
90% work email ids
80% top management, 20% middle management
– Receive promotional emails once a month (highest quality leads, unsubscriptions close to nil)

We worked with Ford to deliver. The direct mailers were sent out and the response was truly amazing. The email opens were close to 25% whereas the industry average is not more than 10%. 30,000 subscribers out of 1,00,000 saw the email and 2500 people clicked on the ad to know more, including 86% top management folks. The campaign was a huge success in terms of the impressions.

Later on we did similar campaigns for IBM as well. The main goal here is branding and what better than showcasing it to the who’s who of India via TradeBriefs!

Tapping the larger audience, generating the right amount of Leads

Leads – The corporate world is so obsessed with this simple, yet so complicated word. It is the typical high-school examination report card for marketing professionals! Situations are different but the interpretation is the same. The bottom line is “Generate the maximum number of leads in the minimum amount of time”. But who exactly qualifies as a lead? Let’s find out.

A business thrives on customers. But do we realize that there are a lot of layers before one can actually get not just a product-needy customer but also generate the right amount of leads for an offering? There is a lot of difference between a prospect for a product and someone who actually considers it. It is absolutely necessary to bridge this gap.

Let’s re-visit the marketing funnel. It all begins by creating ‘awareness’ about an offering. It is the most crucial level as the other layers depend on its impression. This offering can be a product or a service. It can range from a car to a property or from a software to a corporate event. Deeper down the funnel is the ‘consideration’ phase which is followed by the last phase that is ‘purchase’. This is the ultimate goal for any marketer, getting people to buy their product or service.

But what did we miss? What about those guys who considered your product but needed some nurturing? Let’s take an example of the recent content marketing campaign done by us for Act-On, a Marketing Automation Software seller. They began by providing some knowledge to the audience in the form of an eBook, explaining to them some modern marketing concepts and eventually where they would fit-in. It did not come as a surprise to us that the campaign was a success. Not only did they get direct prospects but also people who now had the intention to get the product after learning about its nitty-gritties. They attacked the topmost layer of the marketing funnel which is definitely wider and began by nurturing the audience there and eventually got more business. Here is an article on lead-nurturing.

optimal campaign
An Optimal Campaign


Here is a contrasting example. A famous brand tried to sell its product through our modes of advertising. Leads were generated. But we think they did not leverage the full benefit of the campaign. They could have achieved much more than what they got by imparting some info about the utility of their product/service with respect to the current business scenario. They tried to tap the bottommost layer of the funnel for ready-to-purchase prospects.

sub-optimal campaign
A Sub-optimal Campaign


The same phenomena were observed in many other campaigns done by TradeBriefs. Below is a comparison. The numbers have been generalized.

Campaign comparison

So we see that educating and nurturing an audience is a must. This can be done by providing them with some knowledge regarding the value of an offering instead of rushing directly towards instant lead-generation. You may get a few numbers but what about those who could have become a customer, but were not fully aware of the potential of that offering?

Basically, this is the path that joins awareness and consideration, crucial as well as effective. Can we tap it? Of course, in fact we should. There are numerous ways through which an offering can have an efficient awareness phase. Case-studies can be provided, an e-book can be made available or even a webinar can be created. You can also have blog posts, research papers, videos, podcasts or a whitepaper. This will help in achieving a psychological edge in the minds of the audience. It will also help in building your brand big time!

The conversions will be slow but very steady! Give some more time to a campaign to maximize the gain. Undoubtedly, it would be highly beneficial in the long-run. May be 10-odd leads today could touch 50 in a month!


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